10 cheap and beautiful home decor! Check it out!

Everyone loves shopping for cute home decor. And most of the time it may be too costly or not renter-friendly. So to help you guys, I am compiling a list of cheap and affordable home decor that is renter friendly including accurate prices. These items are in stock during the time of publishing this article.


What is the best way to make your bedroom look more attractive? Lights! Yes, that’s right. Make your room look effortlessly bright and wunderbar by buying these fairy lights.-  ₹300

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Throw pillow

Brighten up the vibe of the entire room with this beautifully embroidered pillow. Add a splash of color to your plain sofa or those dull sheets. –  ₹399

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Make your home look more organized by hanging this shelf on the wall, since it is already a floating shelf, it won’t take up any extra floor space.- ₹849

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Want to wake up everyday, feeling full of energy from a goodnight’s sleep? then you have to check out this soft, 3D print  bedsheet at an incredibly affordable rate –₹315

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Mesh wall grid 

Are you looking for ways to decorate your room without having to put too much effort? Then, look no more. This mesh wall grid can hold more than just photos, it can also hold lightweight plants. Also make it a place for your to-do list, calendar, and memo, be as creative as you can – ₹559

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Makeup storage organizer

With this makeup storage organizer, you can find your lipstick on time, and you don’t have to make the other person wait till you find the right shade. And, it’s clear, making your small vanity look bigger.- ₹344

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Spice cabinet

With all the spices, it may take up a lot of space on your kitchen counter, make it messy. And it might be embarrassing when you have guests coming over. The best way to resolve this is to get a revolving spice cabinet. What’s more? It’s from a trusted seller- Amazon’s own brand-solimo. COULD MY KITCHEN BE ANY BETTER?- ₹599

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Black rug

For all those movie nights where you had to sit on the floor and your family enjoyed themselves on the sofa?! this cool black carpet looks super stylish and will definitely go with all your other home decor.– ₹549

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Fake plants

To all those people who try to be more green but just don’t find enough time to water living plants and as a result, they just die-presenting you, fake plants. They really do brighten up the living space. They’re realistic enough to fool others.-₹499

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You don’t want your guests entering your home and seeing those dirty shoes lying around, do you? This gray closed shoe stand makes it easy to store all your cute shoes and sneakers.- ₹597

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Thanks for visiting the site. I hope you found something to make your living space more beautiful with this list of cheap and beautiful home decor. Let me know in the comments below what else do you want a compilation of.

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