This pandemic has us all going bonkers with the amount of free time we have on our hands. Of course, when schools figured out how to torture kids by introducing online schooling, none of us have much of the free time and freedom we have had before. We can’t go outside to spend some free time at the nearest coffee shop. So we end up getting bored. So I spent my free time compiling a list of 101 things to do when bored.

 Trust me, when I say I get bored very easily, I do get bored very easily. Like my friends could be talking to me and I could get bored right smack in the middle and start daydreaming. I try to do a lot of stuff to not get myself bored. But let’s be honest, 50% of the time I do get bored.

Then I realized what I needed to do to not get bored, so I collected a few things, and spent a few hours experimenting with what I like, what I don’t like, what I love, and what I find extremely boring to death, made a little list and reminder to never try a few things ever again. So here I am sharing 101 things you can do when you’re bored.


1.       Look at pinterest

Pinterest has a lot of amazing stuff to do, especially when you’re bored. It could be DIY stuff, or room transformation, or even cooking recipes. I love cooking and that is what I do when I am bored, I really quickly do a little run through pinterest, pick out the recipe for which I have all the ingredients, hey, if you like grocery shopping, pick out a recipe for which you don’t have a lot of ingredients, and run by the local grocery store. It’ll be fun.

As I was saying, I whip up recipes, and then the fun part is I also get to eat’em. Ain’t that great? I’ll link my recipe to the most epic chocolate cake recipe here-http://www.shreyatalks.in/the-best-and-most-epic-chocolate-cake-recipe/. If you love décor stuff and are very creative, go change the way your room looks right now by jazzing up the dresser table. Pinterest has got a ton of ideas for that.

pinterest practices for pros. / sfgirlbybay

2.       Make  short film

If you’re really into acting or just have a knack for cracking others then make a short film. One summer, my cousins and I shot a short film at our grandma’s house and it was really fun. I also got to bond with my family. Every time I look at that tape I end up laughing. I assure you it’s worth it. Even if you don’t have a perfect script or don’t have a lot of people to cast you can still do it.

Short Films in Focus: The 2019 Oscar-Nominated Short Films | Features |  Roger Ebert

3.       Binge watch

If you’re not the person who is into making films then, go watch some. Always download a few, because you never know when boredom will strike. There are plenty of great films out there, and a ton of genres like comedy, animation, drama, fantasy, horror, so you can never get bored. If you like watching series then you can go ahead and start one, but be careful, they can be addictive, cause they’re so great.

PEST Analysis of Netflix: How Politics and the Economy impact the Media  Provider

4.       Put on a fashion show

Dress up, wear makeup, or not. Go to the murky depths of the closet and throw on that black dress you haven’t worn since last thanksgiving cause that turkey won’t let you. You can either have a private show or put on a show for the family. Hit all those lights in your boredom for which you forgot where the switches are, and flaunt whatcha got. I promise you it’ll be even more fun than shopping online for that dress that will stay in your cart for the next three months.

Queer style kicks off New York Fashion Week with inclusive show

5.       Take a nap

A little nap isn’t going to hurt you or others. It’s just a way of energizing yourself. Many studies show that during sleep there is a slight possibility of losing a little weight. We are talking grams here people. When you wake your skin glows and you’re in a whole new mood. And you don’t even have to spend anything. Of course you are going to be cranky for a little while, but then you can learn a little because of your fresh mind. Either way there are so many benefits of sleeping. Go sleep after you complete reading this blog post.

6.        Complete that pending work

Whether you are in school or in office, everyone has got a little bit or a whole lot of work left. And the timing couldn’t be more perfect because of all the time. If you finish your work right now, I promise you, your future self is going to be so proud of you. If you have got a project and need to prepare a report, then use this time to do some research. Hunt for websites to put together your presentation. And you’re going to rock tomorrow.

7.       Call a friend

You might wanna grab that phone to give your friend a call or a video, or simply invite them to play online, as if the internet isn’t saturated with online games. You can do all sorts of fun things together, like getting your nails don’t at home, painting each other’s portraits, or writing each other a letter, because let’s be honest, text messages don’t feel the same.

How to Keep Video Calling with Friends Alive – Padua 360

8.       Dance moves

Heard of Charli d’amelio. Yeah that famous teenager who got super popular on Tik Tok. Learn some of her dance moves. Of course you don’t have to be a great dancer to learn them, and no one is going to see you shake that. So throw on a few hip hop funky clothes(are those words out of style?) and dance your butt off to the latest tunes(is this out of style too?)

dance - Wiktionary


I’ll just list down a few more things without the description if you haven’t found anything that matches your taste above:

9.       Watch a reality show

10.   Clean the kitchen

11.   Organize your closet

12.   Draw a bubble bath

13.   Make a mean sandwich

14.   Throw out the change under your cushions

15.   Jam to some music

16.   Throw an online party

17.   Play a video game

18.   Do a crossword puzzle

19.   Or better yet, make your own puzzle

20.   Read a book

21.   Do an online course

22.   Do some meditation or yoga

23.   Do a little workout

24.   Spend time with your pet

25.   Don’t have a pet? Grow a plant

26.   Redecorate your room

27.   Make some dinner or boxed mac and cheese

28.   Write a memoir or a short story

29.   Tell people that your care about them

30.   Write a poem

31.   Get a planner and start planning your life

32.   Organize your closet

33.   Wash the windows

34.   Wash your car

35.   Go for a walk in your neighbourhood, don’t forget your mask

36.   Learn a new language

37.   Clean your computer

38.   Don’t be a hoarder and throw out stuff

39.   Put together a memory album or a song

40.   Pre-record a happy birthday song for your friend

41.   Make ice cream

42.   Dominoes- not the pizza shop

43.   Make towers of card

44.   Write an essay

45.   Talk to people you have never talked to in years

46.   Make a cup of coffee

47.   Window shopping

48.   Check your house for any leaking taps

49.   Do your laundry

50.   Wash your car


51.   Learn magic tricks

52.   Start a diary

53.   Create a bucket list

54.   Create a list of places you want to visit after this pandemic

55.   Reorganize your room

56.   Have an instrument? Then learn to play a new song on it

57.   Write thank you cards

58.   Write down what you’re grateful for

59.   Plan on how to throw your next par-tay

60.   Get a gift for yourself

61.   Give yourself a manicure and pedicure

62.   Dye your hair

63.   Make a playlist for different occasions

64.   Listen to a podcast on Spotify

65.   Start upcycling projects

66.   Make iced coffee

67.   Recreate a restaurant meal or if you’re feeling adventurous try making a chef Gordon Ramsay’s dish

68.   Bing watch Masterchef Australia or UK or US. My personal favourite is Australia.

69.   Learn interesting facts

70.   Take notes for your classes

71.   Change your aroma diffuser or candles.

72.   Do mandalas and zentangles

73.   Make a care package

74.   Look for gift ideas for your friends and family

75.   Put together a film of the best things you and your family or friends have done together

76.   Throw out old medicine

77.   Organize your refrigerator and throw out the month old tuna casserole.

78.   Sell stuff you don’t use on Ebay

79.   Put together a home office

80.   Plan your meals for the rest of the week.

81.   Challenge yourself to do something new every day and make it into a list

82.   Start a savings account

83.   Start thinking on what you want to do for your new year’s resolution

84.   Open that vogue magazine for some ideas

85.   Buy yourself some pretty earrings

86.   Take a Buzzfeed quiz

87.   Tell your parents what new class your taking up

88.   Bake some cookies, you know you love those chocolate chip cookies

89.   Learn how to make a Starbucks drink at home

90.   Learn more about the weird stuff in your processed food

91.   Dive into the art and culture of your city or country

92.   Water your plants

93.   Or buy fake plants

94.   Don’t follow a fad diet and create a diet that is tailored to your needs

95.   Learn about cheese

96.   Watch TED TALKS

97.   Stream youtube videos

98.   Make your own vlog, if you like it enough, post it on Youtube

99.   Start a blog

100. Do a photoshoot

101.  Look up at your dream career and research about it 


That is all I got people, I hope you found something that helped you to stay not bored. Let me know what you guys want me to write about in the comments below.

I got a lot of inspiration for other website like

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