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A lot of us have to face the big crowd some time or the other. Stand upstage and give that book report speech and we want to look confident. Many of us have amazing content but are too shy or not confident to share it with a larger audience. I feel like everyone should grow out of their comfort zones. And learn how to deliver that perfect inspiring speech that motivates everyone.

Have you turned on the news and seen the president deliver that speech with utter confidence and want to do the same? Well, it is not that difficult and you can do that. With a few tips and tricks up your sleeve, you can make that presentation stand out too. Here in this blog post, I am compiling the things that I follow to look confident and I hope you find this helpful too.

Number 1: don’t wear dull colours

In any presentation you don’t want to blend in with the background. Wear bright colours like orange, red and yellow and make sure people notice you. You should be able to make a first good impression. You should stand out of the crowd.

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Number 2: body language

Hold your head high and stand straight. Don’t hunch your back. This may give the interviewer a feeling that you’re not good enough and you’re lazy. Don’t clasp your hands or fold them together. Let your hands hang freely and relaxed on the side of your body. When sitting down let your hands rest on your lap, and not hanging down. 

Here's How To Stand Up Straight If You Have Bad Posture, From Your Head To  Your Toes

Number 3: perfect hair

You want people to remember your face, and they can’t do it if your face is hiding behind your free hair. Tie your hair up into a hair ponytail and don’t clip on any fancy hair accessories. Boys can get a clean cut. When you let people see your face you’re telling them that you’re okay with being seen. You are welcoming them. 

How to Do a Ponytail That Looks Perfect Every Time - L'Oréal Paris

Number 4: smile

Smile even when you don’t want to. When people feel shy they don’t smile. This is generally associated with unfriendliness, and you don’t want people to do that. When you smile you make the audience comfortable and make the whole environment more friendly and relaxed.

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Number 5: talk slowly

When you talk fast, there are times when you say something you don’t want to. Talk slowly. Practice once in your head what is it that you want them to take away from the presentation. You must be slow enough for them to comprehend what you said and analyze it. And when you are speaking slowly, it gives you time to make a better-structured sentence. Plus make you seem quite professional. You can also throw in a few big words to impress the crowd.

Number 6: look in the eye

A common mistake made by shy people is looking at the floor or at the ceiling. And no one wants that. You want to look at each and everyone in the eye. That way you create a connection with them and they also understand your message better. When I say look them in the eye, I don’t mean stare at them. But it also means don’t break off the eye contact or they might think that you’re too rude. You don’t want to give that first impression, do you? 

Top 8 interesting facts about the human eye | TheHealthSite.com

Number 7: don’t chew your nails

One of the most obvious signs that you’re nervous is chewing your nail. Please do stop it because it isn’t very appealing to look at. You don’t want your audience to feel uncomfortable too. Just let them hang loose as said in number 2. 

Biting your nails can make you sick, researchers say | 2017-01-13 |  Safety+Health Magazine

Number 8: stop that fidgeting

Many of us do fidgeting in a variety of ways and we don’t even realize that we are doing it. It could be something like tapping your feet or pulling your dress or clicking the pen one too many times. It really does irritate the other person and make them think that you’re too shy or nervous about the whole thing. So it is very important to stand still or at least try to and nod your head at intervals to avoid giving off the impression that you’re nodding for every single thing and that you’re not listening.  look confident by stopping this horrible habit.

Fidgeting, a bad habit that's good for your heart: study

Number 9: scents

There are a few fruit scents that can make you feel at ease and lift your spirits such as grapefruit or bergamot. Apply a little bit of these oils on your wrist and take a quick sniff whenever you need a boost to look confident.

Grapefruit Nutrition Facts | U.S. News

Number 10: walk confidently to look confident

Walking is to be a big part of the presentation, like entering a room or exiting or walking around while giving a presentation. Take slow steps and don’t look like you’re in a hurry to catch the next bus because when you do that it makes you look nervous. Take sure-footed steps and make them feel that you know where you’re going and where you want to see yourself in those tiny footsteps. Your steps show a lot about your personality and you want it to show that you’re confident.

Apply Sports Psychology Tips to Your Everyday Life.

Number 11: silences

When you’re talking and providing a lot of information, it might be too much for the audience to process or it can simply be that you have forgotten what you were about to say, so simply give a moment of silence and think about what you forgot. You can also take a sip of water to make it less obvious but don’t break off in the middle of a line, end the line and proceed to do so. When you are in a conversation, then wait a few moments after the other person has completed talking to show them that you have listened. In the meantime, you can also come up with something useful to reply to and not blabber the first thing that comes to your mind. Looking confident also means to not just keep on talking but also patiently listening.

Do well!

When you trick others to think that you’re confident, somewhere down that road you’re going to find yourself that you have tricked yourself into being confident. And that’s not a bad thing. Use it to its advantage. Hey, not everyone is natural at being confident and charming and some of us have to do a little research on how to look confident. I hope this article has helped you ace your presentation or interview. This is my list of tips and tricks on looking confident and there are many others. Along the journey you may also discover what helps you pretend that you’re confident, let me know in the comments below. a few of the trick has been taken from this blog post- https://www.inc.com/jayson-demers/7-ways-to-appear-confident-when-you-re-really-not.html.

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