Hi, I’m Shreya Sathish

I have absolutely no plans of getting blown up by blogging, but absolutely love the idea of blogging. I am in high school right now but believe me, I do have excellent taste and advice and here I share some of my valuable experiences, advice, lifestyle choices, and many more

Let me tell you about myself:

1. I love writing and well, blogging

2. I am absolutely in love with baking like I could spend my whole life living in the kitchen and waste myself

3. I like going through Pinterest looking for fashion inspiration and home decor and the DIY stuff, cuz let’s be honest, no one wants to spend 100 dollars on a minimalistic coffee table from IKEA.

4. I also love traveling to places. Ever since I was young my family started traveling, although since I was young I really couldn’t absorb all the breathtaking views and amazing culture I was exposed to.

5. I am really into digital marketing and just binge watch hours of videos on digital marketing and how to grow your blog.

6. I have no idea what I am going to do about college stuff because I just can’t stay focused on a single topic. Today I might be into digital marketing, tomorrow I might be into astrophysics. Does God know? I think not. Yeah, BTW I am an atheist.

well that’s all about me! I hope you didn’t sleep through reading this. I have only one really cool pic, in the others I just look not very appealing should I say?

And no, my legs are fine! I tried a pose.

Early on

I love looking for outfit inspirations, cooking recipes, traveling, reading, writing, listening to music, and of course, my love for art. I had so many things that I wanted to share, so I thought why not start a blog.


I have been teaching myself how to blog and get web-hosted. I like the fact that I could share my experiences and my emotions with the whole world. This blog has created a beautiful platform for me to start honing my writing skills.