11 proven ways to look more confident

Introduction A lot of us have to face the big crowd some time or the other. Stand upstage and give that book report speech and we want to look confident. Many of us have amazing content but are too shy or not confident to share it with a larger audience. I feel like everyone should […]


INTRODUCTION This pandemic has us all going bonkers with the amount of free time we have on our hands. Of course, when schools figured out how to torture kids by introducing online schooling, none of us have much of the free time and freedom we have had before. We can’t go outside to spend some […]


Not everyone has that evergreen mood of feeling GOOD about themselves. Some tend to feel down about the way they look, or the way they talk, or the way they laugh. I mainly started writing this blog post because even I have come across some very difficult times. My relatives would say I weigh too […]

TOP 10 best coffee powder found on amazon!

Who doesn’t love caffeine? And who doesn’t love waking up to the rich and exotic smell of coffee? So here I am compiling a list of the best coffee powder for your ease. Everyone has their own way of making coffee, hot, cold, frappe, cappuccino, espresso, latte, Vietnamese egg coffee and so many more which […]


The best chocolate cake is just rich, moist and leaves a great feeling in your mouth. Throw out all the recipes you have, This is the one you are going to use going forward. I know there are a lot of chocolate recipes out there, but you know what makes this recipe really stand out? […]

10 cheap and beautiful home decor! Check it out!

Everyone loves shopping for cute home decor. And most of the time it may be too costly or not renter-friendly. So to help you guys, I am compiling a list of cheap and affordable home decor that is renter friendly including accurate prices. These items are in stock during the time of publishing this article. […]

Top 5 ways to keep yourself busy in 2020

Let’s be honest, 2020 has not been very travel friendly, or any sort of friendly. But that doesn’t mean you can sit at home and see your life getting wasted away. You have a lot of time on your hand to grow as a person, showcase your valuable skills as the whole world has gone […]

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What is the best series that is worthwhile watching?

TO BE HONEST, there is no single series that can be classified as the best series to watch. So in this post, I will be talking about the top 5 series you can watch. This post contains a list of series that can be found on amazon prime – http://amazonprime.com , Netflix- https://www.netflix.com/in/. For those […]

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What is it like getting surgery?

INTRODUCTION Well, I have to say, I was super scared. And where did that lead me- doing a lot of research. I researched the illness I had, how the surgery was going to be performed, what is like to be put under anesthesia, and so on. This helped me later on. Let me break down […]