How to find the perfect perfume, wear it, and tips included!

the perfect perfume

There are thousands of perfumes out there. So it might be very difficult to settle down on one scent, the perfect perfume, that really matches your taste as well as your personality. If your sporty, then a citrus flavor might suit you but if you are really posh, then a sandal mustang would be fit for you. The best perfumes might also be costly so you have to take the time, to find the perfect perfume at a low price or if you are willing to splurge then the world is your oyster.

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What to do?

First head of the perfume section in your chose departmental store or a well-known chemist, as he or she can help you find the perfect perfume. There is a limit to how much your nose can identify smells, or your nose might get tired. It is best if you can narrow down your choices to three. The consequence of choosing too many perfumes is that sooner or later all the scents will start smelling the same.

Next start by looking at the label of the perfume to identify the essential oil or scent that has been added to the perfume. Everyone has different choices. As I said before if you are a girly kind of person then you might like floral scents like lilacs or lavender or lotus. If you’re sporty you might be into citrus scents like lemon or grapefruits.

After looking at all the ingredients and finalizing the three perfumes, start by spritzing a little on the inside of your wrist or elbow. Now the waiting starts. Every time you try a perfume it is necessary to wait for at least 10 minutes. I know it’s a long wait, but you need to wait for the perfume to develop and envelope your body in its scent, to truly get the feeling. There are a few times, when the perfume smells different a couple hours later, and you don’t want to wear a scent you don’t like, and most probably you won’t be able to return the perfume either. So keep a whole separate day for just trying those three scents. Resist yourself from buying the perfect perfume. Come back another day to buy the perfume you liked.

These are the three tips you need to follow to find the perfect perfume.

How to wear the perfect perfumes?

Perfumes are often worn in the wrong places and they tend to lose their scent a couple of hours later, you don’t want that. Some people spray the perfume in the air and walkthrough. I have seen it in a lot of places. Please don’t do that, you’re just wasting that $100 perfume. The best place to wear perfume is near your pulse points because this is where the blood is the closest to your skin.  These points include your temple, wrist, the side of your neck, behind your ears, the crook of your elbow, your inner wrists, the back of your knees, and the front of your ankle.

Where to Spray Perfume |

I have listed all the places you can apply perfume to top to bottom. Another important thing is to understand the difference between body spray and perfume. Body spray is meant to be worn on you not your clothes ad similarly perfume is to be worn on your clothes and not your body.

Always remember to dot your perfume and spray just a little because all of that concentrated scent is in the perfume and you don’t want to overuse that. Otherwise, you might end overwhelming and nauseating the other person.

small tip!

Some of the perfumes recommend spraying the perfume in your freshly washed hair so that the perfumes waft around you the whole day. And leave a trail of amazing smell behind you.

Tips for perfect perfume management

  1. Don’t spray the perfume all over, you’ll just end up wasting most of it.
  2. Spritz on your clothes
  3. Don’t place the perfume in your bathroom. Place it in an area where there is no direct sunlight
  4. Oiler skins hold the perfume for longer
  5. Rub Vaseline before applying
  6. Moisten your skin before applying like using an unscented body lotion or when you come right out of the shower.
  7. Make your hair smell better by applying perfume to your hairbrush or buying dedicated hair perfume.
  8. Don’t rub your wrists together
  9. When your perfume bottle is about to be empty, mix it with an unscented lotion. Now you’ve got scented lotion
  10. Use makeup wipes to remove unwanted scents from your body. Rub it on the places where you spritzed.
  11. Can’t find your perfect perfume. Start layering 2-3 scents that go well together.
  12. If your perfume bottle is too big to carry around then spritz cotton balls with your perfume and dab lightly for a lift.
  13. Make your clothes smell amazing by spraying your clothes while it is in the dyer. The warmth will help lock in the scent longer.

Hope you found this ultimate guide helpful! I took some of this information from the cosmopolitan- They have an amazing collection of perfume, be sure to check it out!

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