How to smell gorgeous in 13 ways

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Smelling beautiful can be one of the foremost things on your mind. No one wants to smell bad and make a not so great impression. People tend to be around people who want to smell good. So in this blog post, I am compiling all the tips to smell gorgeous and beautiful.

Smelling gorgeous varies from person to person. For one person it might be smelling like a garden of fresh roses or a super expensive french person. While for the person on the other end of the spectrum might just want to not smell bad after doing sports.

Number 1- fresh as a daisy

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Have a bath. This is the most natural way of smelling good. You can get rid of the stinky odour with a quick wash down. Genetically some people might sweat more often and easily, for them it might be better to shower twice. Reach all the sweat producing spots and cleanse well. 

Number 2- fresh hair

Smell extra pretty by washing your hair too. Waft around the freshly washed hair to mesmerize people around. Lather rinse and repeat. Preferably two times for that smell to last for days. You can also opt to buy a hair spray, be sure not to use body spray. The hair spray can help elevate the shampoo smell in a gentle and subtle way.

Number 3- herbal concoction

While having a bath, add sprigs of herbs like mint, rosemary or thyme to add essential oils to your skin and give you a refreshing steam that envelopes your body. Fill your bathtub and toss in a handful of sprigs.

BONUS: cleopatra, the ancient queen of egypt was said to have bathes in milk. Well you might not be able to do the exact same but you too can have beautiful skin like her. Just add 2 pints of whole to a tub of warm water. Thoroughly mix it in and hop in. let it soak into your skin and enrich it for 20 mins. Rinse with clear water and pat down. Don’t forget to moisturize. 

Number 4 – scented steam

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If you’re opting to have a hot bath then add a few drops of essential oil or scented perfume to the bathroom floor. The hot steam from the bath will create a beautifully scented steam and will cover your and so you can smell gorgeous all day long.

Number 5 – make your perfume last longer

The best place to wear perfume is near your pulse points because this is where the blood is the closest to your skin.  These points include your temple, wrist, the side of your neck, behind your ears, the crook of your elbow, your inner wrists, the back of your knees, and the front of your ankle. Read all about perfume in my article-

Number 6- a wake-up rub

Spritz your towel with your favourite perfume and throw it in the tumble dryer and let it warm up. The heat will make the perfume last longer and really get into your towel. After your bath take your towel out and give yourself a rigorous rub spreading that beautiful perfume all over your body. Now you will smell gorgeou and be wide awake and for good day ahead. 

Number 7- moisturize your skin with scented moisturizers

If you want to smell gorgeous longer and opt to apply scented moisturizers. Moisturize your skin right after you come out of the shower. Moisturizing the skin while it is still wet will help retain it for longer periods. 

Number 8- layer it

Learn how to layer perfumes and scents to give yourself a gorgeous makeover. Applying one fragrance will not be enough most of the time and sometimes it just doesn’t have enough depth, look into tutorials on how to layer scents and smell complex. 

Number 8-  eat thai

Instagram Journeys: Mouthwatering Thai Food - Travelogues from Remote Lands

As weird it may sound, thai food actually makes the body smell good. This kind of food makes your body produce the nicest body smells. Thai cuisine contains plenty of aromatic ingredients like lemon grass, mint, coconut and so on. But it doesn contain heavy amounts of garlic, so consume in moderation. 

Number 9 – use body deodorant

Always have deodorant or an antiperspirant ogn hand. Preferably in a small roll on bottle that is handy and easy to carry. I will also last longer that way. You can also carry wet wipes and get rid of the nasty smelling sweat. Wear cotton and avoid polyester. Talc can be your best friends as it absorbs the sweat and keeps you smelling fresh. 

Number 10 – beautiful dreams

Sprinkle talc or a scented perfume on your pillow cases and have a good night’s rest. Wake smelling gorgeous in the morning without having to do any extra work. 

Number 11- work your way up 

Develop a gorgeous smell by working your way up in layers. First start with a scented bath oil, soap, and face wash. Then move onto a scented body lotion and complete the morning ritual with eau de toilette.  If you can splurge on a perfume set. 

Number 12- brush brush brush

Just smelling gorgeous and having bad breath is a definite no no. focus on your dental hygiene as well. Brush your teeth after you have any strong smelling food like foods that contain tons of garlic and onion. It is preferable to brush 2 times a day for nice and strong teeth. Gargle your mouth using a moth freshener to keep it cool and smell nice. Drink tons of water. Keep mints or gum on hand always and pop one when meeting someone. Floss every day. 

Number 13- clean clothes

Washing your clothes on a regular basis can do great wonders. But you can also add fragrance boosters to go that extra mile and smell gorgeous. In the tumble dryer add a few drops of essential oil or your favorite scent. To your closet add dryer sheets, hand a dried lavender, or uncover a scented soap and place it in the closet to keep it smelling fresh. 

lavendar flower nature

In the end, you don’t have to spend a shit ton of money to smell really good. Just practicing a few health hygiene will help you smell good. 


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