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Everyone is fascinated when they hear teen entrepreneurs or entrepreneurs. Immediately they think of really big positions like CEOs. But the truth is, everyone’s beginnings may not be the easiest. It takes an immense amount of hard work and research and time. For instance, there’s only a 1 out 10 chance your business may become a success. The odds are not in your favor, right? Yet there are millions of startup owners out there trying to make their mark on this world. They are trying and striving every day to set themselves apart. They are trying to solve problems you face every day.

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The last time in the series : talking with teen entrepreneurs, I had interviewed 17 years old, Sagnik Roy who had big plans to transform this world into something better and more beautiful with his project Genesis. This time I will be interviewing Assia Belemkadem, another teen from Morrocco. Read on to know more.

Assia Belemkadem

Talking with teen entrepreneurs: Assia Belemkadem


Me: please introduce yourself( your name, where you came from, what are your passions/interests, what are you studying)

Assia: my name is Assia Belemkadem. I’m from Morocco. I love planting (I enjoyed it more during the lockdown since I wanted to not use the screens a lot) /drawing/ reading /discovering new information and knowing new things. I’m in my third year of college studying mathematics.


Me: That’s great Assia. Now, what problem are you trying to solve?

Assia: I’m trying to let people know more about mental health, by doing articles about it on my website. Here is the link for the website, giving some of the people studying or working my opinion on mental health. On my Instagram page there would be a lot of surprises so stay tuned for that. 

Me: It’s wonderful that you already have a website up and running. Coming back to problem were you affected by it?

Assia: yeah, it was a year in my life when I wasn’t good mentally. What I mean is that I let other opinions affect me. I started to watch more YouTube videos (which is definitely something not like me), and even the motivational videos won’t motivate me which is very bad given the fact that I used to get motivated by just a quote. But then what helped me was the people around me (good company).


Me: I’m so sorry to hear about that. Now that you’ve started to realize what the problem is and how you were affected, what is the solution you’re putting forward?

Assia: There is a website and social media page where I’ll be sharing more information (I’m trying to keep them short so everyone can read the whole thing ). There are also many other things that can help to discover mental health more, challenges and maybe other things I’m also adding anyone’s idea which can help so feel free to DM me on my links.

ME: It is a very convenient solution to work on. Now, why do you think it will work?

Assia: firstly I believe in myself and I’m trying to know what are the needs of everyone (by being close to my community which I hope will grow) and of course the support I can’t forget the support that Empowerecon(EmpowerEcon is an organization with budding teen entrepreneurs) has given me. Without them, I would not be here and everyone who participated I have received so much love and energy in addition to my sister who helped me since the time wasn’t enough for me. So thank you guys for that 


Me: who is this aimed at?

Assia: It’s for anyone interested in taking care of herself/himself. And wants to know more about mental health or suffers from a mental health disorder. Cause mental health is for everyone to know and try to improve. 

Me: how will this solution benefit people?

Assia: they will know the importance of mental health and how it affects them, how can they develop their life or improve their mental health and be” mentally strong “.

inspiration for teen entrepreneurs

Me: what inspired you to create this solution or even take up this topic?

Assia: it happened all like magic, lately I’ve been thinking about mental health then I saw an Instagram story of one of the people I’m following talking about how tired and exhausted she was(the covid information and news). I start thinking about the pandemic and how I started having habits I didn’t have before and all news that wasn’t positive and told myself that I should do something. At first, I thought I couldn’t make it but I just went for it and now I’m giving it my full time. And I want to mention a thing, in today’s society you will see a lot of people starting their own business and you will too try too hard to find your business idea and stress yourself about it.

I can tell you that if you don’t want to start a business you don’t have to there. Other opportunities in the world just try to search for yours, or if you want to start your business right now but you didn’t find the idea I suggest you try some activities like attending meetings, developing skills and hopefully, you are gonna know where you like working on the most and there is your idea and they are many options…

the future

Me: where do you see this project in 5 years?

Assia: it’s hard to say since there’s a long way to go but I think I’ll have more people supporting me and a lot of experience and knowledge and a big community and maybe I’ll have a team member. Also, I’m thinking about things which I can’t say now hopefully I can do them and with your help. I think nothing is impossible. 
In the last, I want to thank Shreya Sathish for this opportunity. Thank you for thinking of me. And to anyone who supported me or helped me to make this project a reality. I’m so excited to see growing little by little every day.

Thank you so much, Assia, for trying to improve everyone’s mental health. It is a sensitive topic that not many people are able to accept or get help for. So thank you so much again for doing this and letting people know what you’re doing.

final thoughts on teen entreprenuers….

 For me being a teen entrepreneur is really challenging, requires some courage, self-esteem, having new ideas , knowing how to face challenges, and most importantly knowing what people need . Being a teen entrepreneur means a lot of time to develop your project and a lot of work to it , it’s using your skills, putting together all the informations you know and have learned to develop it.

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