Top 5 ways to keep yourself busy in 2020

Let’s be honest, 2020 has not been very travel friendly, or any sort of friendly. But that doesn’t mean you can sit at home and see your life getting wasted away. You have a lot of time on your hand to grow as a person, showcase your valuable skills as the whole world has gone online. I am going to list the top 5 ways to keep yourself busy in 2020 and how I got to be very productive during the global pandemic.

don’t be afraid to learn new things

TOP 1 SPOT-  do online courses

the top spot on my top 5 ways to keep yourself busy in 2020 is taking up online courses. I cannot be more grateful for coming across this idea. I did 5 online course form coursera – , and it was very helpful. I highly suggest that you get your coding skills on track as the future will rely wholly on it. This can truly enhance your college portfolio and help you earn better jobs or just if you’re curious enough this can be the perfect hobby to take up. These courses might cost you a bit, but there is an option for financial aid. I did all my courses for free.

would have inserted a pic of my blog, but it just didn’t seem right :p

TOP 2 SPOT – blogging 

I know it is too soon to talk about blogging considering the fact that I just started blogging. It is the perfect platform to share your knowledge, learn how to start your own website, hone your writing skills, and just let your creative juices flow. This might cost a bit. living in India, I got my web hosted by a friend of mine and I got my website created for free. What might not be known is that bloggers earn a heck of a lot of money, if you succeed in becoming popular and many people visit your site. Money aside, I seriously recommend you start your own blog.

look at those fresh green veggies! hey you could be growing them

TOP 3 SPOT -gardening 

To all the environmentalists and environment loving people out there, what are you doing! Go and start your own garden. There are a lot of ways to start your own garden. You can get a seed starter kit or do vegetative propagation, aerial plants, and many more. Here is a link you can follow to get more tips for gardening as a beginner- . They say talking to plants helps you and the plant grow better. Yes, you read it right. When you reap the fruit you sow the feeling is indescribable. this can be a pleasure and leisure activity. but remember this is a huge responsibility, you have to water them every day, talk to them every day, make sure there are no pests, make sure it receives a lot of sunlight, and most importantly DO NOT LET THEM DIE!

doesn’t this pic just tell you to follow your dreams?

TOP 4 SPOT –  explore what you love

This topic not only comes in the top 5 ways to keep yourself busy but as well as grow as a person. This is the perfect time to explore the unknown creative side of you. Many of us have the talent but do not have the time to hone our skills. Guess what? You are stuck inside four walls and no one is going to disturb you. You can start drawing or painting, dancing, cooking, coding, story writing, gardening, meditating, singing and so many more that the entire article won’t fit. Don’t know where you shine? Then try everything out there. There’s tons of time and a lot of nothing to do. Heard of Charli d’ Amelio from tik tok? She started tik tok as a platform to showcase her love for dancing,  see where it led her! Nothing says that you can’t do it!

that’s right! the game that is ruling right now

TOP 5 SPOT-  talk to your friends and play online games together

There’s a lot of trendy new games to play with your friends online without having to meet them. For example – AMONG US. I cannot stress this point enough- SOCIALIZE WITH PEOPLE. When you go out after this pandemic ends( hopefully before the middle of 2021) you are seriously not going to know how to act in front of people. Talking to them will help you. Host zoom meeting and google meet and just talk to them. This is a platform for you to share things, burdening you, because let’s be honest, parents can’t replace friends.

hey, who knows, you might lose some weight on the way!

Many people can feel anxiety staying inside four walls for 8 consecutive months. Maybe a small stroll down the street to take that fresh air can also help you. let me know in the comments below, how have you kept yourself busy in 2020! check out my other articles on the best and most epic chocolate cake – ‘ 10 cheap and beautiful home decor-, top 5 ways to keep yourself busy in 2020-

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