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What is it like getting surgery?


Well, I have to say, I was super scared. And where did that lead me- doing a lot of research. I researched the illness I had, how the surgery was going to be performed, what is like to be put under anesthesia, and so on. This helped me later on. Let me break down the whole process for you here:


The illness I had was the umbilical pilonidal sinus. It is an illness where you have a yellowish-green viscous liquid coming out of your belly button. Of course, it was super weird. And it was even more difficult to explain it to other people.

 The doctor told me the only way to get rid of it was a surgery, where they had to remove my whole belly button. Don’t worry I got a plastic surgery, where I got a artificial belly button placed.

That literally scared the hell out of me. Those words were stuck in my head for a whole two weeks. I couldn’t think or work or complete any tasks at that time. Over a period, I kinda got comfortable with that. That is when I started talking to my doctor. I asked him what the procedure is, how long it is, will I need general anesthesia, what will my belly button look afterwards. He very patiently explained every single step.

So my first advice here is to know or understand thoroughly what is going to happen. When you know what is going to happen, you kind of have an assurance or more like a relaxed mind set. 


Okay, I was equipped with all the information I needed, I was ready to do this surgery. The day before the surgery I got admitted to the hospital for preparation. They insert an IV line in my vein. This is kind of hard though. If you’re skinny, one little prick, and you’re done. But if you’re a little chubby, it is difficult to see your vein directly, it may take some time. But don’t worry, call the head nurse and she’ll get it done. I got mine done by the anesthetist himself.   

Once in the operation theatre, I got sudden chills. There were two reasons. One was the temperature of the room, it was freezing. Ask the doctor if you face the same problem. He’ll turn it down. Second reason was it became too realistic too fast. Before I could think, I was wheeled to the operation theatre. Anyways, chill out.


Now comes the best part. You get to sleep and not feel anything. If you’re under general anesthesia, the doctor will put a mask over your mouth and ask you to take deep breaths. After 5-6 inhalations, you’ll fall asleep. Then they insert a breathing tube through your mouth. Don’t worry you won’t feel a thing. I did wake up once while they were removing the tube out of my mouth, but I immediately fell back asleep, don’t worry!

If you’re put under regional anesthesia, the anesthetist will inject the anesthesia through a needle in your spinal cord. Surprisingly it doesn’t pain too much, trust me! Then, you won’t feel anything from your chest to your toes. Finally, he’ll put you to sleep. When he tried to put me to sleep, the dosage wasn’t enough I guess, so I talked with the anesthetist the whole time the first time I got the surgery and the second time, I was put under general anesthesia.. 

Before I knew, I woke up in the ICU. I told the nurse it was very cold in there so she gave me this hot air blowing machine, and I actually enjoyed my stay there for 4 hours. So my second advice is, don’t hesitate and tell the nurse or doctor how you are feeling, and I gaurantee you, they will make you feel better.


My third advice is to bring something to the hospital to entertain yourself. After the surgery, you have to take a lot of rest. You will mostly be sleeping, but there are times when your anxiety and are unable to sleep, so download a few movies or series beforehand. And make your stay entertaining.


My fourth advice is, sometimes the IV line might be uncomfortable while sleeping or eating but resist asking the nurse to stop the line. You’ll only make it worse later on. Once she stops it, you might feel like being on cloud nine, but once she starts the line again, she injects a little bit of fluid directly into your IV, this is called flushing. This will be very painful. Let’s bear the pain of IV  just once.


All you have to do is remind yourself that you will get through this. A positive outlook is what I needed, and I assure you, your surgery will go as smoothly as possible. 

Let me know in the comments below If you want to know post-surgery details, like getting your stitches removed. check out my other articles on the best and most epic chocolate cake – ‘ 10 cheap and beautiful home decor-, top 5 ways to keep yourself busy in 2020-

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Wow Shreya! That was quite a detailed description of what you went through!
While everyone would feel a chill hearing the word ‘Surgery’, you are asking us to chill out 😀
So glad to see that you took everything in a positive and optimistic manner. It really would have meant a lot for your mom and dad!
The way you describe in a sequential manner is very beautiful
Keep writing and keep rocking!
Sumee Aunty

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